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Ugodan ambijent! Kvalitetnu uslugu! I uz sve to razumnu cijenu!!

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Tourist attractions

Kopačevo (Hungarian. Kopács) is a village in Baranja, within the municipality of Bilje, roughly 12 km away from Osijek. It is situated on the edge of Kopacki Rit. In the area of the village the remains of crockery and bronze jewelry were discovered from which it can be concluded that there were people living in the area in the second millennium BC. In the northern part of Kopačevo Romans built a settlement and fortress to defend against the barbarians which was most likely called Ad Labores. The first written record of the village is in the grant of the Hungarian King Andrew II. from 1212. Once the inhabitants engaged primarily in fishing, today most are engaged in farming and increasingly in the tourism industry.

During your stay in our apartments we suggest that you visit:

Nature reserve Kopački Rit



Tikveš Castle Complex, which was built by members of the Habsburg family TESCHEN. Throughout history, and even today, this is a world famous hunting center, often visited by numerous statesmen and celebrities.


The Hunting castle of Prince Eugene of Savoy was built in Biljw during the first half of the 18th century. The famous Austrian military leader built it on the property he received from Emperor Leopold I.


The memorial complex “Batinska bitka open to commemorate the participants of the Battle of Batina in 1944.


Familiarize yourself with the look and indigenous breeds of cattle – Slavonia and Srijem podolca, as well as cattle breed Hereford. Both breeds are very resistant to low temperatures and can live year round in the open. They are cultivated by the company BELJE dd in the Nature Reserve Kopacki.


About us

Apartments Kopačevo Baranja are located in the village Kopačevo in Baranja near Osijek on the verge of the nature reserve Kopački Rit.

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Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the pleasant locality.

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Dining recommendations

If you want to enjoy in the delights

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